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Louisville Witches and Wizards are cordially invited to celebrate a Magical Evening at the Louisville Palace’s Yule Ball on Friday, December 21! Wands and Dress robes are encouraged for formal Yule Ball Waltz Dance Lessons. Then, let loose with Louisville’s own, Delighters, for a rock performance featuring renditions of musical hits from the movie! Grab a butter beer and be dazzled by magical act David Garrard. Take a stroll through Diagon Alley with live owls, snakes, and toads or stop by for a palm reading by Professor Trelawney. Get your Azkaban mug shot or just hang with your favorite character before you head off to the Horcrux Hunt! Go the extra mile and be a part of Dumbledore’s Army VIP experience and have dinner with us in the Room of Requirement! This event will be the most magical event of the year! Potterhead’s do not miss it!

General admission tickets are $30. Dumbledor’s Army VIP Experience is $75. The doors open at 7:00 for the event. Event is 18+. Service charges not included on ticket prices. Tickets subject to price increases. Tickets may be purchased at www.LouisvillePalace.com or www.Universe.com/PalaceYuleBall

At The Louisville Palace Yule Ball event, guests will be transported into their favorite movie scene throughout the night. On first impression, guests will walk into The Louisville Palace faces lobby and find it transformed into The Great Hall festively decorated into a winter wonderland complete with gargoyles, floating candles, and flying snitches. Roam around a bit and find yourself in Diagon Alley where you may peruse through the Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine in Harry Potter’s World Exhibit or visit with live owls, snakes, and toads.

Grab a Butter Beer or Polyjuice Potion throughout the night before stepping in for a formal Yule Ball Waltz Dance Lesson. Hang out for a bit and be dazzled by magical performance by David Garrard. Then, as quick as apparating Louisville’s own Delighter’s will take the stage for a rock performance featuring renditions of your favorite musical hits from the movie!
Guests will also be able to get a palm reading by Professor Trelawney and take photos with characters.

Costumes and dress robes are encouraged for a costume contest and trivia with special prizes throughout the night. Fight evil before you leave and search for all of the items in our Horcrux Hunt!

General Admission tickets are available or upgrade to the Dumbledore’s army and have dinner before the event in the room of requirement with personal magic tricks and a special visit by Raptor Rehabilitation Owls.



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