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The Louisville Palace’s grand opening, as a movie theatre, was on September 1st, 1928. It was originally named “The Loew's and United Artists State Theatre”. The building is not like any other. Outside, a light up marquee with castle-like towers stands. While the inside teleports you to an ornate Spanish courtyard. 

It was originally created by the architect John Eberson. Eberson’s unique architectural style contributes to something magnificent and enhances the imagination of visitors. With a sky of midnight blue among the twinkling stars, you will be surrounded by grottos and elegant images. The goal of the theatre was to escape from reality, to visit wondrous places before the movie even started. 

In the 70’s, the Palace closed down due to lack of business from other movie theatres opening in the area, but a bright new future began decades later. John Seigel purchased the venue for 4.4 million dollars in the early 90's for restoration to bring back the lavish treasure of the city. He succeeded in restoring the one of a kind venue, however. It was necessary to keep up with consistent efforts to maintain such a historic building, which ended up leading Seigal to declare bankruptcy. 

Since then, the building has been owned by a number of people. In 2005, Live Nation Entertainment purchased The Louisville Palace. Where it stands now as a concert and event venue (seating 2,800). Hosting performances by bands, comedians, weddings, and other types of gatherings. Although changes have been made since the opening in 1928, the venue still operates the historic ticket booth, marquee sign, and keeps the ornate architecture to its original glory. The Louisville Palace is the only remaining cinema of its era in the entire city. It is a prized, historic building and is a must see for anyone in Louisville.